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Understanding Executive Condominiums

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An executive condominium is a form of housing that was created to serve the needs and wants of different generations, including graduates and younger professionals who could not afford a private home. Because the Executive Condominium has different facilities and design, it is very similar to private condos. The Executive Condominium often comes with many of the amenities that condos have. One of the most significant differences is that a 99-year leasehold is available instead of a freehold. You can see new EC launch 2023 2024 on our website.


A purchaser must meet different requirements to gain access to a condominium. An applicant must be either a citizen, permanent resident, or both. A family nucleus is also required, as in the case of different public housing programmes. A set income is required to be eligible for this type of ownership.


Certain incentives have been created for people who wish to buy an Executive Condominium. Housing grants are generally granted based on citizenship.

There are many Executive Condominiums in development. The locations vary. The development’s size is a significant feature. They can be adapted to accommodate multiple people at once. Developers are masters at what they do, and create some of most spectacular structures.

Many of the units are spacious and luxurious, with ample land for all kinds of activities. There are studio units as well as up to five bedroom units. Some units may have private lift lobbies. Semi detached houses and bungalows are sometimes possible to be added to the project.

Because these establishments have many sizes of units, couples, singles, and families of all sizes will be able find something they like.